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How will Brexit affect house prices and mortgages? (Updated)

13th January 2020

"We take a look at what’s happened to the housing market since the Brexit vote, including changes in house prices, property transactions, buyer demand, and mortgage rates."

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Are mortgage rates going up? Current interest rate & predictions

11th December 2019

"The interest rate of your mortgage deal contributes to how expensive that loan is going to be, so keeping on top of how interest rates are predicted to rise or fall is a smart thing to do."

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Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem 2019 housing manifestos explained

2nd December 2019

"The main parties have published their manifestos setting out their priorities should they end up in power. As usual, housing is a particularly hot topic. Take a look at what’s being promised before we head for the polls."

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How to stand out as a homebuyer in a tricky market

27th November 2019

"A sharp drop in the number of properties coming onto the market, along with a fall in asking prices, means competition from other interested buyers is likely to hot up."

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Would you pay £5k for a park view or a whopping £60k to be near a Sainsbury’s Local?

26th November 2019

"Looking for a home in a big town or city and fancy a tranquil view? New research has revealed just how much it will cost you. But it’s not only green spaces and water that come with a price premium."

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How to take a mortgage payment holiday

25th November 2019

"When you take out a mortgage you commit to making an agreed monthly payment for a certain period of time. A mortgage payment holiday means you temporarily stop, or reduce, your monthly payment."

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Is your home worthless because of cladding? And what to do if it is

22nd November 2019

"Thousands of people who own flats in tower blocks have found themselves unable to remortgage or sell their homes following the Grenfell Tower disaster in June 2017."

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Looking for a home ownership scheme? Try our new tool to find one that suits you best

21st November 2019

"Many people are unaware of home ownership schemes, so we’ve created a tool to help you decide which one’s best for you."

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How to read a key facts illustration

18th November 2019

"When a lender or mortgage adviser recommends a mortgage, they must give you a key facts illustration (KFI) document. As the name suggests, this document gives you the “key facts” about a mortgage deal."

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What’s fuelling the Bank of Granny and Grandad?

14th November 2019

"Nearly a third of homeowners aged between 18 and 34 were given financial help by their grandparents to buy a property, our research found."

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